ES039: A Career in Singing - You Know You Want It! w/ Nancy Bos

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A Career in Singing - You know you want it. How do you get it?

What is standing in the way of you pursuing a career, or a combination of careers, related to your deep passion for singing and music? Is it fear? Is it not being sure what your dream is? No matter what the reason, you have only one life. Give it your best shot - no regrets! But be smart. Plan ahead and focus your skills to reach your desired target.

In this episode Nancy explores ways to defeat fear, how to frame your career path, and steps to take to reach the final destination.

Nancy references her book, The Teen Girl’s Singing Guide.

She also references the Inner Game of Tennis by Tim Gallway

Sally Palmer’s Six Word Lessons for Exceptional Music Lessons

and a story about defeating fear by Pema Chodron from When Things Fall Apart: Heart Advice for Difficult Times

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