Vocal Educator & Expert

Singing is integral to being human.

If we’re not singing, we’re ignoring a significant part of who we are.

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The real passion: I believe everyone has a right to sing.

In fact, the world would be a better place - and lives and cultures greatly enhanced - if more people sang more often! It’s my mission to inspire the world to find that part of who we are and what connects us all at a much deeper level.

The official line: Vocologist, Author, Speaker, Podcast Host, and Performer.

I have had the privilege of introducing the joy of singing and the power of speaking voice optimization to people all over the world through my lessons, books, classes, podcast, performances, and speaking engagements.

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 I give people tools, paths, and permission to reach their full potential as human beings, artists, speakers, employers, and employees.

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 As a subject matter expert, Nancy has had the pleasure of presenting and sharing her wide-ranging understanding of the voice at universities and conferences throughout the U.S.. She brings her passionate, eloquent, and humorous speaking style to every audience as she reminds her listeners of the importance of creativity in helping singers, employers, and employees live their fullest lives possible.



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  •  Speech + Style: How to Present Yourself Like You Mean It (with Lisa Kemmerling) Vibe Coworks, Poulsbo (2019) 

  • Using Pitch and Intensity Variations as a Speaker: The Connection Between Speech and Singing BNI Waterfront Professionals, Poulsbo (2019)

  • Voice-Over Actors: The Reality of Voice-Over Careers PAVA/VASTA Conference, Seattle (2018)

  • Making a Living as a Voice Expert NATS National Conference, Las Vegas (2018)

  • Foundations of Transgender Voice Tahoma NATS Chapter (2017)

  • Acoustics in the Studio Puget Sound NATS Chapter (2016)

  • Morning Coffee & Conversation with Teachers of Transgender Singers NATS National Conference (2016)

  • Ageless Voice CASTLE Education, New Ulm, MN (2015)

  • The Cross-Training Studio Augustana College, Rock Island (2015)

  •  Preparing Youth for a Lifetime of Singing Ohio State University Voice Symposium (2014)

  • Teaching Contemporary Music Voice Foundation, Northwest Chapter (2012)

  • Singers on the Fringe NATS National Conference (2010)

  • Teacher Workshops Puget Sound (2010)



Nancy has extensive voice instruction experience, having taught weekly voice lessons to professional and avocational singers of different ages and experience levels, as well as group lessons, lectures (presentations), and masterclasses at conferences and universities throughout the country. She specializes in contemporary commercial styles of singing, from music theatre to rock, worked with students for audition and recording prep, produced several recordings, and teaches music theory, sight reading, harmony, composition, and solo performance.

Nancy believes that voice teachers are incredibly lucky people because they get to live out their passion every day and witness the joy of transformation and empowerment in their students.

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  • Independent Voice Studio Voice Teacher (1995-present)

  • Bellevue College Affiliate Vocal Instructor (2013-2019)

  • Seattle Pacific University Voice Teacher (2015-2016)

  • Cornish College of the Arts Adjunct Voice Teacher (2007-2008)

  • University of New Mexico Substitute Voice Teacher for voice class (1995-1997)

  • Los Alamos High School Voice Teacher (1996-1997)



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  • Alaska NATS (2016)

  • The Cross-Training Studio Voice Foundation (2015)

  • Augustana College Rock Island, IL (2015)

  • Victoria NATS (2015)

  • Dr. Kari Ragan (2011)

  • Leanne Koch Studio (2009)

Classes and Workshops

  •  Loyola University Guest Teacher (2017)

  • Seattle Pacific University Guest Voice Teacher (2015)

  • Bellevue Youth Theatre Teacher of Music Theory, Sight Reading, Harmony, and Solo Performance (2010-2013)

  • As You Like It Studio Music Theatre Audition Prep Workshop (2012)

  • REO Singer-Songwriter Conference (2007 and 2008) 



  •  Are You Getting the Most Out Of Your NATS Membership? Article, Inter Nos (Sept/2018)

  • Singer’s Practice Plan, Log, and Journal: A Planner for Singing Students Book (2018)

  • Transitions: Learning To Fly Article, Inter Nos (Sept/2017)

  • The Teen Girl’s Singing Guide Book (2017)

  • Singing 101: Vocal Basics and Fundamental Singing Skills for All Styles and Abilities Book (2017)

  • Forging a New Path: Transgender Singers in Popular Music Article, Journal of Singing (Feb/2017)

  • Teaching Transgender and Gender Non-Conforming Singers Article, VoicePrints NYSTA (Jan/Feb 2017)

  • Inter Nos (NATS Publication) Editor and Writer (2010-2016)

  • Where We Were Then and Where We Are Now Article, Journal of Singing, (Jan/2015)

  • Music Theater Transforming Lives Article, Journal of Singing (Sept/Oct 2012)

  • The Courage of Change Article, Journal of Singing (Jan/2010)




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  •  Every Sing Host and Producer (2017-present)

    • Interviewing singers, professionals, and influencers who contribute to singing, including voice scientists, voice teachers, choral directors, producers, audio engineers, and authors.

  •  Voice to Vox Show Host (2017)

    • 12-episode series about a voice teacher learning to become a voice-over artist.


  •  The Shrimp Tank: Where Street Smarts and Book Smarts Collide Guest (2019)

  • The Full Voice Podcast Guest (2018)



Nancy has had an active and extensive performance career in musical theater, entertaining audiences in roles ranging from Miss McKay (The Prime of Miss Brodie), Miss Lynch (Grease), and Widow Corney (Oliver!) to Frederick (Pirates of Penzance) and Grandma Tzeital (Fiddler on the Roof). She has also performed numerous concerts with The Bellevue Youth Theatre Foundation and The Seattle Symphony Chorus, and has been a mezzo-soprano soloist for concert tours in Romania (2018), Croatia/Slovenia (2014), and Peru (2011), as well as a worship soloist at St. Mark’s Basilica in Venice (2014).

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